Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hooray, Happy Wednesday!

We have the day off today, as many are celebrating Yom Kippur. I've spent most of the day running to and fro between appointments. I am one that creates lists, and it felt SO wonderful to have been able to check off 3 major things on that list that have been looming over my head: 1.) (the dreaded) MVA to switch for NYS tags to MD, 2.) the doctor's (just a physical, not to worry), 3.) apartment complex parking pass (because, if you don't have one, they will tow your car and it'll cost you $160--sad day). Needless to say, it feels GREAT to have these 3 things accomplished! Now, onto knocking off the other numbers so that I can feel good about that, too! 

So, what am I doing on my day off besides running errands? Well, I had every intention of going to Barnes & Noble to get some work done, but, I decided to bake instead (which then made me want to blog), so I did both! Here's some evidence..

Starving, yet? Haha. As I was baking these, I couldn't help but wish to be able to bottle up the delicious cinnamon raisin scent moving through the kitchen. Instead, I decided to settle with burning my current favorite candle: Spiced Cider, from Bath & Body Works. They had their fantastic 2 for $20 3 wick candle sale-which is about the only time I allow myself to indulge and purchase. (I do the same at Victoria's Secret-only purchasing when they have their 7 for $26 sale). I just bought this delicious smelling candle about 2 weeks ago, and it's almost completely used! Off to B&B to purchase more while the sale still lasts! 

Maybe, soon, I'll post some teacher-created Special Education resources that I've been working so hard on. They have taken me FOREVER to complete, but, I just keep telling myself how much easier it'll make life by having them to reference throughout the year. Coming soon! Stay tuned :)