Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hello, lovelies! As my day is winding down, I’m glad to finally be home, in bed. Today was quite the (unanticipated) busy day. I started out fairly early for a non-work day (10 a.m.-yeah, not so early, huh?) I grabbed a quick bowl of Special K Red Berries (mm, my fav!) and made some Godiva Chocolatier Hazelnut coffee, then quickly dressed into my workout clothes and ran to the gym to meet my cousin for a quick a.m. workout. After that, we went to Starbucks and quickly viewed her beautiful wedding photos she recently received back from her amazing photographer (Rothwell Photography in D.C.) Check them out, they are amazingyou won’t be disappointed, I assure you. After we left, I took a quick shower and was off and running again-had to tutor an incoming third grader. Right from her house, I was on the road to meet a friend at an Irish Pub about an hour away in Winchester, MD-which was equidistant for both of us, being that he lives in York, PA. We later found out that Baltimore (Inner Harbor) would have also been equidistant, so we mutually decided that that would be our meeting spot, next time. We also mentioned possibly going to the National Aquarium, which I’m psyched about! Anyways, I’m just now getting home from my adventures today, and decided a great way to wind down, would be to blog.

I’ve been doing a bit of crafting lately, and am highly considering starting an Etsy shop to sell my wine bottle lights. Unfortunately, the pictures that I’ve taken of the few bottles that I’ve made recently don’t have the lights included inside of them yet, because no stores in the area actually sell Christmas lights during this time of year. I happened to randomly think of calling Christmas Tree Shop to see if they sold Christmas lights, and I thankfully found that they do, but unfortunately there aren’t any shops in the surrounding areabummer! Here are a few pictures of the wine bottles that I’ve made thus far. You might just have to use your imagination and pretend that there are pretty lights inside.

The top photo has purple glass beads with twine wrapped around the tip of the bottle, whereas the bottom bottle has gold/brown glass beads, original gold wrapping, and a twine bow at the top. The bottles are also different shapes, the bottom is more slim and narrow than the top. My hopes are that I can make the bottles fully customizable, to fit the specific client's wants/needs. Choices will range from bottle shape, embellishments such as bead color, twine, twine bow, leaves, cork/no cork, and twirly twigs. These wine bottle lights make a great gift, and will be sent in wine bottle boxes for shipping and gifting. Hopefully, people will enjoy these as much as I do! They honestly go great with any kitchen decor!

That's all for now, I suppose! Till tomorrow!


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